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by Fundtec

Simple. Accurate. Efficient. Tailored.

What do you want to solve?

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Are you looking to hire full-time or part-time bookkeeper to manage your books?

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Do you lack confidence in using numbers for decision making?

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Are you struggling with reporting timelines and hustling till last minute?

All of your problems have 1 solution

We know your problems and we have already solved it. We know that you have faced all/any of the below:

  • Get yourself involved in finalizing the books even though you have sufficient manpower to handle it

  • Spending your nights in processing the payroll?

  • Always get the raw data instead of precise reports from your team

  • Lack confidence on the accuracy of the numbers

  • Always behind the time

  • Manage hiring, onboarding, and training due to employee turnover

  • Feels that core accounting team lacks expertise and guidance

  • It becomes difficult to keep up with new technology and tools

  • Scaling your accounting team with the pace of your business growth has become a challenge

We have discussed your problems. This is how we are solving them:

  • With Fundtec bookkeeping, you get a vetted bookkeeper to serve you in their best capacity keeping in mind the business requirement and your specific needs.

  • Along with the bookkeeper you’ll get Line Manager who will be a part of transition and he/she will work closely to make sure that the work is going as intended.

  • The Line Manager will support you at all the levels of your work.

  • You’ll always have a backup resource to avoid any business disruption.

  • If you need someone to handle all of your books; we’ve got those bookkeepers as well.

  • If you just need help with accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank/credit card reconciliation or any other bookkeeping process; we’ve got those bookkeepers as well.

  • With Fundtec bookkeeping, you can again and always focus on your core business area and let Fundtec worry for your books.

Where Fundtec bookkeeping will be helpful?

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Financial Statements

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Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations

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Accounting System Implementation

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MIS preparation

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Handling General Ledgers

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Accounts Payable

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Process Accounts Receivable

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Cash / Treasury Management

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Inventory Management

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Fixed Asset Management

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Customized Reporting & Analysis

Why Fundtec

  • 24/5 Availability- Our “follow the sun” model ensures that any client, irrespective of time zone, will get bookkeeping services when they need it.

  • Customized Offerings- One shoe size doesn't fit all, so Fundtec customizes and tailors its bookkeeping solutions to fit the unique needs of every client.

  • Safety & Security- We at Fundtec understand that every piece of information is crucial for our clients, so we follow the highest standards for maintaining quality and data security. Fundtec is ISO:27001 and ISO:9001 certified.

  • High-touch Model - Our team has your back and guides you every step of the way. Not only do you get a dedicated resource, but you will also have a dedicated line manager who will support you, too.

  • Cost-Effective- Fundtec’s expertise, innovation, experience, and result-oriented approach on operational aspects enable us to drive greater process efficiency, and we pass the benefits and savings to our clients.

How it works

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Step 1.

Sales Call

Consult with our Sales team to place your exact needs and pain points to decide suitability . If we seem suitable, we’ll send you an agreement to sign and you’ll be assigned a Line Manager.

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Step 2.

Discovery Call

Here you'll meet with your Line Manager to deep dive into your requirements to ensure we match you with the suited resource.

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Step 3.

Resource Placement & Mapping

Now your Line manager will meet with the Placement Team to discuss, vet and select top candidates who will be best suited with your requirement. If resources are available then they will mapped for your process else Line Manager will interview and select the best candidate from our talent pipeline for you.

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Step 4.

Kickoff Call

You, your Line Manager, and your resource will have a kick-off call; finally the official start to your strategic partnership. This call will be meant to meet your resource, outline initial objectives, discuss governance, and set yourselves up for success.

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Step 5.

Onboarding & Implementation 

Your Line Manager stays close and completely involved in the first few weeks to provide high-touch relational service to guide you through our value added and proven onboarding & implementation process.

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Step 6.

Nurturing & Monitoring

You will have periodic check-ins from your Line Manager to support both you and your resource throughout your strategic partnership.


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Zoho Books
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Sage Intacct
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Frequently asked questions

  • How can I work with Fundtec?
    To join the Fundtec team, you can apply for our job openings through our dedicated job board. Simply visit our website and navigate to the career section where you will find the current job opportunities. Submit your application online, ensuring that you provide all the required information and necessary documents.
  • Can you provide an overview of your recruitment process, from application submission to final selection?
    Our recruitment process is designed to identify talented individuals who align with our company's values and possess the required skills and qualifications. Here is an overview of the process: Candidates can apply for positions through various job portals or our own job board. Our HR team carefully reviews all applications, assessing them for suitability and qualification. Shortlisted candidates are invited for on-site interviews, which may include multiple rounds of interviews and practical assignments. After a rigorous evaluation process, final selections are made, and offers are extended to deserving candidates who have demonstrated exceptional skills and potential.
  • What happens once a candidate is selected?
    Once a candidate has successfully completed the selection process and has been chosen for a position at Fundtec, an offer letter will be released. However, please note that the offer will be subject to the completion of an extensive background verification process to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the provided information.
  • How does Fundtec Culture look like?
    At Fundtec, our culture is built on core values that shape our work environment and interactions. Here are the pillars of our culture: Ownership: We encourage our employees to take ownership of their work and responsibilities, fostering a sense of accountability and initiative. Integrity: We uphold the highest ethical standards in all our actions, fostering a culture of trust, transparency, and honesty. Inclusivity: We embrace diversity and promote an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and included. People-driven best practices: We prioritize the well-being and development of our employees, fostering a culture of continuous learning, growth, and collaboration.
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