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Virtual Trading

Empowering client with required skill sets in Virtual Trading

Trained Assistants

Trading Assistant

Virtual Solution

For the first time ever in the industry - uniquely bringing a wealth of experience in fund structures, asset classes, applications, and business functions to the Alternative Investment Industry.


Trained virtual assistants to support Traders:

  • Assistance across various asset classes including Listed, Fx, Digital, and OTC

  • Assistance across a variety of trade applications/software's including Order Management Systems, Portfolio Management Systems, Prime Broker Portals, etc.

  • Complete trade lifecycle support including trade booking, allocations, settlements, etc.

  • Liaison with internal business functions and third parties like brokers, counterparties, etc.

  • Assistance with Reporting like SOD, EOD, Upstream, Downstream, etc.

  • Assistance in Resolution with internal business functions, street, counterparties, prime brokers, etc.

Operations & Accounting Outsourcing


Frequently asked questions

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