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Corporate Actions

Corporate Actions

A corporate action is an event initiated by a public company that brings or could bring an actual change to the securities like equity or debt, issued by the company. Corporate actions are typically agreed upon by a company's board of directors and authorized by the shareholders.

There are two primary types of corporate action - mandatory and voluntary.

Some corporate actions when announced are generally automatically applied to the investments of the shareholders. These are known as Mandatory corporate actions. 

In some cases, the shareholders are given the option to participate in the respective corporate action. Here the shareholder decides if he will be a part of the corporate action or not. These Corporate Actions are classified as voluntary.

Corporate actions include stock splits, dividends, mergers and acquisitions, rights issues and spin-offs.


Fundtec’s Service Deliverable

Our service deliverables consists of broad range of activities ranging from processing of corporate actions till tracking of voluntary corporate action based on the scope of engagement. With hands on experience on variety of portfolio management systems in the market and various market data service providers, we position our clients strategically to give them the value addition by leveraging our experience to manage complete investment lifecycle for them. 

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