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Empowering Fund Administrators with innovative and robust fund services

Fund Administrator 

Fund Administrator Solutions

Fund Administrators are central players in the financial landscape, consistently ensuring funds thrive in a complex environment. At Fundtec, we understand the importance of this role and have honed solutions to strengthen the offerings of Fund Administrators. By collaborating with us, Fund Administrators can amplify their service suite, fortified with our expertise, to cater to any fund type, further positioning them as the stalwarts of the fund industry

Our Services

What We Offer

Fund Accounting

Fund Accounting is vital in managing an array of funds, from open-ended to closed, hedge funds, private equity, and even cryptocurrency funds. Our proficiency extends across diverse asset classes, including equities, OTC securities, swaps, and perpetual swaps. We specialize in precise trade recording, transaction management, and delivering nuanced valuations and financial reporting. Our approach equips Fund Administrators with the clarity and accuracy required for effective fund accounting across various fund types and asset classes, ensuring success through every stage of the service lifecycle.

Fund Operations

We specialize in supporting the diverse operational needs of different fund types, from hedge funds to private equity and cryptocurrency funds. Our services for Fund Administrators include full suite of middle office tasks, comprehensive trade support, advanced treasury services, and effective investor relations management. This enables Fund Administrators to offer exceptional operational services across various fund structures and asset classes, meeting the distinct needs of their clientele efficiently.

Your data is secured and managed with excellence at Fundtec

At Fundtec, we uphold the highest standards in information security and quality management for our services

Secured Environment

On-Site Operations

Secured propriety portal for data transfer

Full and continuous backup

Why Partner with Fundtec?

Why Fund Administrators need Fundtec

Focus on Core Services

With our support, Fund Administrators can not only enhance but also expand their core offerings. Fundtec's expertise lies in understanding the needs of both Fund Administrators and the funds they serve.

Operational Mastery

With the financial landscape being intricate, Fund Administrators can leverage our advanced technological solutions and deep domain knowledge to ensure impeccable operational services for their clientele.


Fundtec's commitment is to deliver premium solutions while ensuring optimal costs. Our methodologies and technologies enable Fund Administrators to offer stellar services to their clients, all while ensuring profitability.


Change is a constant in the financial world. With our adaptable solutions, Fund Administrators can seamlessly scale their services, ensuring they are always prepared to address the evolving demands of their clientele.


We assist Fund Administrators in consistently delivering solutions that are both accurate and timely, ensuring their clients' success and satisfaction.

Information Security

With a strong emphasis on global standards, such as ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, Fundtec offers a bastion of data protection, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the data managed by Fund Administrators.

Why Partner with Fundtec?

Why Fund Administrators need Fundtec

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