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Fund Accounting

Empowering investment funds with tech enabled and straight through process accounting

Fund Accounting Solutions

When it comes to fund accounting, there's no room for error. Every fund type, be it Hedge, Private Equity, Venture Capital, or others, has its unique accounting intricacies. Fundtec, with its blend of seasoned professionals and sophisticated technology, steps in to unravel these complexities, offering a cohesive accounting solution. Here, we dive into the realm of Fund Accounting and why choosing Fundtec can redefine your accounting journey.

Transaction Processing

Efficiently recording all fund transactions, from individual trade, settlements to capital calls and distributions, ensuring the books are updated on real time basis


Conducting independent precise valuation of assets, ensuring accurate and fair representation of fund values across various asset class.

Fee Calculation

Accurately calculating management and performance fees, aligning with fund documents and performance metrics.

Non Trade accruals

Managing accruals for non-trade-related expenses, ensuring all financial obligations are recorded and accounted for accurately.


Preparing comprehensive financial statements and calculating Net Asset Value (NAV), offering clear insights into fund performance.

Our Services

What We Offer

Why do you need Fundtec for your Fund Accounting needs

Benefits with Fundtec

Industry Mastery

At Fundtec, we blend deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge innovation. This ensures our clients benefit from well-established best practices complemented by the latest technological advancements.

Personalized Approach

Each fund is unique, and so is our approach to it. We offer tailored solutions that fit the distinctive needs and challenges of your fund, rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all mentality.

Unwavering Dedication

Our commitment goes beyond contracts. At Fundtec, we see our clients as partners, and their success is our success. Every challenge is met with dedication, and every solution is designed with our partners in mind.


Fundtec offers flexible, scalable solutions that grow with your fund, ensuring support through every stage of expansion and diversification. Our adaptable services cater to increasing complexities and changing market dynamics, making growth smoother for your fund.

Economic Pricing

We provide high-quality financial services at competitive rates, ensuring value with transparent, cost-effective pricing solutions. Our economic approach is designed to maximize your fund's efficiency and ROI, balancing premium service with financial prudence.


In today's digital era, the security of your fund is paramount. We focus on robust data protection and strict compliance adherence, utilizing advanced security measures to shield your operations and confidential information effectively.

Why do you need Fundtec for your Fund Accounting needs

Benefits with Fundtec

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