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Empowering investment back offices.



Celebrating its inception in 2019, Fundtec has rapidly emerged as a distinguished player in the realms of business process management and fund services. Our firm is anchored by a dynamic team, rich in diversity and deep in industry expertise, uniquely qualifying us to navigate the complex landscape of the investment world. At Fundtec, we don't just work with our clients; we forge strategic partnerships, tailoring our approach to align with their unique needs. Our relentless pursuit of operational excellence is not just a goal, but a commitment, ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled service and innovative solutions tailored for the evolving demands of the finance sector. This dedication forms the core of our identity and drives our mission on the global stage.



At Fundtec, we champion a people-centric culture that thrives on development, collaboration, and strategic progress. Our team, at the heart of our success, is dedicated to fostering strong, mutually beneficial relationships. Their continuous development ensures not just growth but strategic wins for our people and clients, making every partnership a journey towards shared success.


At Fundtec, our process management is at the forefront of operational excellence. We tailor our workflows with precision, customizing solutions to fit client needs while adhering to industry best practices. Our controlled, benchmark-setting processes ensure not just compliance but also superior performance, consistently delivering streamlined, effective outcomes.


Experience the power of technology-enabled solutions with Fundtec. Our approach integrates the latest technological advancements to enhance your operational capabilities. We don’t just provide technology; we empower your business with tools that amplify efficiency, offer deeper insights, and ensure unparalleled security. Embrace a future where technology is your ally in navigating the landscape.


Our leadership brings experience and expertise in investment fund and intermediary processes. With a team of experienced professionals, leadership maintains a laser focus on accountability, commitment, and delivery to strategic partners.