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Data Entry

Data Entry

Data entry is the broad process of making data more insightful by converting the same in desired format. It can range from simply entering data into database from external source to converting the data from one format to another.

It is one of the most outsourced process in any industry and it is very important in terms of any business as it the starting of data in system. 

Fundtec’s Service Deliverable

Our deliverables consist of broad range of data entry services, based on industry and scope of engagement. We can additionally work on setting up customized reports to go further and make data actionable to fulfil the purpose for each involved stakeholder. Here are some of range of scope of our services: Online Data Entry, Document Management, E-Book Data Entry, CRM Data Entry, Data Extraction, Data Enrichment, Real Estate Appraisal Data Entry, Data Capture Services, Data Enrichment Services, Directory Services etc. 

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