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General Partner Accounting

General Partner Accounting

The general partner (GP) is responsible for the general welfare of an Alternative Investment Fund like a private equity fund, a partnership investing in real estate or any other co-investment entity.

When appointed as a manager, its duties are from the investment of the fund’s committed capital in public and private companies, to the search of investment with a sizable returns, through the management of the portfolio of investments.

Thus, GP duties may include:

  • the creation of the fund (AIF) Issuance Documentation (offering memorandum, Limited Partnership Agreement, Term Sheet, subscription forms);

  • the appointment of a management company (if the GP is not appointed as such itself);

  • the opening of bank accounts in the name of the AIF;

  • the process of contributions and redemptions of share in the AIF;

  • the appointment and the follow up of third party service providers as lawyers , fund administrators, auditors, …

  • the production of audited financial Statements;

  • the identification of investment opportunities andthe compliance of inherent risks ;

  • the monitoring of the fund’s performance;

  • the operating processes.


Fundtec’s Service Deliverable

Our deliverables consists of broad range of activities based on clients scope of engagement which includes complete bookkeeping solution for the partnership and its GP/management company, cash management, valuation of investments and underlying assets, NAV preparation, investor allocations, annual financial statements, maintaining capital accounts of each partner, call for commitment and drawdown, annual audit support, investor statements to LPs. 

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