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Cash Recon

Cash Reconciliation

Reconciliation of transactions is one of the critical operations in every financial institution and the effective management of this activity is essential to the success of an organisation. The main objective of performing reconciliation is to identify incompatibilities in data and achieve resolution.

Cash Reconciliation is basically verifying balances as of any particular date against external parties. Reconciliation process ensure each transactions is verified and validated accurately, hence ensuring right impact on P&L and Balance sheet.


Fundtec’s Service Deliverable

Our deliverable consists of customised reconciliation reports based on client’s scope of                        services which ranges from just reporting to action items reports. Fundtec also helps                            clients  with complete break resolution and liaising with external parties for the purpose                      of resolution.  Our reconciliations are drawn around solid controls to ensure accuracy and                    sanity.

Based on reporting setup, Fundtec can perform reconciliation and deliver at t0 as well.                        Our typical deliverables are against Fund Admins, Prime Brokers, Bank’s & Counter Parties.