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Management & Performance Fee Calculation

Financial Statements

 A management fee is a charge levied by an investment manager for managing an investment fund. The management fee is intended to compensate the managers for their time and expertise for selecting stocks and managing the portfolio. It can also include other items such as investor relations (IR) expenses and the administration costs of the fund.

A performance fee is a payment made to an investment manager for generating positive returns. This is as opposed to a management fee, which is charged without regard to returns. A performance fee can be calculated many ways. Most common is as a percentage of investment profits, often both realized and unrealized. 

In the context of performance fees, high-water mark and hurdles are worthwhile understating:

The highest value of a fund over a given period is known as a high-water mark. If the fund falls from that high, generally a performance fee isn't incurred. Managers tend to charge a fee only when they surpass the high-water mark.

A hurdle would be a predetermined level of return a fund must meet to earn a performance fee. Hurdles can take the form of an index or a set, predetermined percentage.


Fundtec’s Service Deliverable

Our service deliverables consists of broad range of activities based on scope of engagement ranging from setting up fees templates to performing calculation on periodic basis. With complex fund structures and complicated hurdles, management and performance fees are at the centre of manager and investors. We help clients in breaking down calculations to simple and user friendly templates.


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