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Middle and Back Office Outsourcing

Middle and Back Office Outsourcing

Fundtec provides a set of proven middle and back office solutions to Asset Managers that will enable them to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Fundtec will take care of post-trade activities whilst enable Asset Managers to focus core business goal which is to serve clients and generate revenue. An operating middle- and back-office enables to achieve those goals.


Our solutions are flexible and can be customized to meet the requirements of Asset Managers independent of your size, trading volume, asset class, and strategies. Outsourcing their middle and back office work will improve versatility and decrease vulnerability to transaction volume volatility.

Why choose Fundtech for Middle and Back office Outsourcing

  • 24/5 Availability- Our “follow the sun” model ensures that Asset Managers, irrespective of time zone, will get Middle and Back Office support when they need it.

  • Customized Offerings- One shoe size doesn't fit all, so Fundtec customizes and tailors its Middle   and Back solutions to fit the unique needs of every client.

  • Industry Expertise- Fundtec's team comprises professionals coming with a wealth of experience from investment banks, fund admin firms, and technology giants. For Middle and Back Office Services, we have expertise in handling all types of asset classes (from listed securities to OTC products), OMS, PMS, GL tools, and various industry-standard systems like Bloomberg.

  • Scalability- Fundtec empowers clients with better scalability via plug and play model which is   always customized to the client’s needs.

  • Cost-Effective- Fundtec’s expertise, innovation, experience, and result-oriented approach on operational aspects enable us to drive greater process efficiency, and we pass the benefits and savings to our clients.

  • Transition and Change Management experts: With years of experience in handling transitions, we always consider all stakeholders for changes and transitions. Our client-centric approach enables smoother middle and back office transition for all types of clients. 

  • ISO Certified: We at Fundtec understand that every piece of information is crucial for our clients, so we follow the highest standards for maintaining quality and data security. Fundtec is ISO:27001 and ISO:9001 certified for providing Middle and Back Office Outsourcing.


Middle and Back Office Services

  •  Reconciliations:  Reconciliation serves as greater control and helps asset managers across the trade lifecycle and investor lifecycle. Here are some   middle and back office reconciliations:
     - P&L Reconciliation by Position
     - Trade, Position, and Cash Reconciliation
     - Break and Action Items Reporting
     - Balance Sheet and Income Statement Reconciliation

  •  Investor Services:  Fund managers remain to come under stress from highly involved investors who are requiring more information and complete transparency into their investments. Fundtec   provides numerous services   based on the requirement, such as:
     - Investor reporting, which includes portfolio analytics and information access   
     - Management of investor contacts as well as maintenance of records
     - Partner capital account statements
     - Perform calculations and send capital call notices
     - Perform calculations and send distribution notices
     - Complete KYC and AML checks on investors
     - Customized reporting if required
     - Managing, and reconciling bank accounts for fund
     - Calculating incentive fees
     - Responding to the investor and authorized representative queries

  •  Fund Accounting: Managing your fund administration as well as accounting while following up with sterner reporting deadlines can slip your focus aside from your foremost preference,   creating value for your investors. When observing the performance of your fund’s investments,   timely and factual reporting is crucial to satisfying investors’ requests. You need to ensure complete transparency of data, information, and analytics around your investment portfolio. Our qualified and experienced accounting teams are experts in answering investor demands giving extensive accounting, and reporting services, from wherever you’re based. Here is some   coverage of fund   accounting activities for our middle and back office services:
     - Controllership
     - Fund performance and financial reporting and consolidation
     - Investor reporting, which includes portfolio analytics and information access - Assistance with financial audit and internal control
     - Bank account management​
     - Annual, quarterly, and monthly financial statements in line with relevant GAAP 
     - Filing of accounts and returns with local authorities as well as risk management
     - NAV calculations and valuation reviews
     - Cash management
     - SPV reporting
     - Accounting processes for real estate accounting
     - Implementation of accounting systems
     - Expertise in all asset classes including private equity, real estate, infrastructure, hedge fund, venture capital, and fund of funds

  •  Shadow Accounting: Shadow Accounting means parallel accounting to ensure accuracy and redundancy against primary administrators. Fundtec covers the   following activities as a part of Shadow Accounting Services for middle and   back office solutions
     - Bookkeeping
     - Month-end reconciliations with fund administrator, prime broker, and custodian
     - Review and compare pricing/valuation as per valuation policy
     - Compare accruals for income and expenses
     - Calculation and comparison of GAV / NAV
     - Management and performance fees computation and comparison
     - NAV comparison with fund administrator
     - Feeder NAV/Investor allocations and comparisons 
     - Internal checks and audits
     - Reporting and validation services
     - Securities portfolio reporting and comparisons 

  •  Trade Operations: Hedge fund managers are facing more and more pressures to manage their costs, invest in technology and adhere to increasingly onerous rules and regulations, locally and globally, with harsher consequences for failure to comply. All whilst matching the necessity to enhance performance,     be more intelligent with data, develop new products, speed scalability and meet investor demands. Having a firm and robust trade operations function in position is essential to defeating these hurdles and assuring the stable day-to-running of your fund. Trade   Operations are at the center of our Middle and Back   Office solutions. Fundtec covers activities   such as:
     - Trade settlements
     - Confirms processing
     - OTC settlements – verifications (financing, MTM)
     - Collateral management
     - P&L reporting
     - Asset servicing 
     - Product controls

  •  Treasury Management: Managing a treasury can soon become extremely complicated and time-consuming, particularly when you’re doing so over multiple locations. Things can get especially difficult when your organization isn’t big enough to have its internal treasurer or when the team doesn’t have time to perform all the treasury management roles. In-house teams work a lot to make things as productive as possible, but many cannot justify the level of resources needed to render a best practice treasury control environment.   Fundtec can help you overcome these challenges, achieve the goals, and future-proof the function for the long term. Fundtec covers   the following   activities as a part of middle and back office solutions :
     - Setting up a treasury function
     - Implementation of a treasury management system
     - Treasury optimization, helping identify where you fall on the treasury maturity curve and defining and planning how to achieve the target state.
     - Liquidity management
     - Working capital management
     - Receivables management
     - Payables Management

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