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Trade Assistant

Trade Assistant

Trade Assistant: An Overview

In the investment industry, efficient and accurate trade assistance is crucial for maximizing investment returns and minimizing risks. However, managing trades across various asset classes and trade applications can be a daunting task. That is where trade assistants come into the picture, providing comprehensive support for the entire trade lifecycle.

Assistance Provided:

  • Asset Class: Assistance across various asset classes including Listed, Fx, Digital, and OTC. This means that trade assistants can help with a diverse range of trading instruments, providing valuable insights and analysis to make informed decisions.

  • Trade Applications: Assistance across a variety of trade applications/software's including Order Management Systems, Portfolio Management Systems, Prime Broker Portals, etc. Trade assistants can navigate these complex systems and provide real-time support to traders, helping them make quick and informed decisions.

  • Trade Lifecycle: Complete trade lifecycle support including trade booking, allocations, settlements, etc. Trade assistants can handle all the operational aspects of trade execution, ensuring smooth and efficient trade settlement.

  • Liaison with Parties: Liaison with internal business functions and third parties like brokers, counterparties, etc. Trade assistants can coordinate with various parties involved in the trade execution process, ensuring timely and accurate trade settlement.

  • Reporting: Assistance with Reporting like SOD, EOD, Upstream, Downstream, etc. Trade assistants can assist with a range of reporting requirements, providing traders with a complete overview of their trades and helping them make informed decisions.

  • Issue Resolution: Assistance in Resolution with internal business functions, street, counterparties, prime brokers, etc. In case of any issues or disputes, trade assistants can offer valuable assistance in resolution, helping identify the root cause of the problem and working towards resolving it in the best interest of the trader.


Benefits of Outsourcing Trade Assistance: Outsourcing trade assistance to a specialized service provider like Fundtec can offer several benefits. Following are some benefits of outsourcing Trade Assistant Service.

  • Focus on core competency: Outsourcing trade assistance allows traders to focus on their core competency, i.e., trading, while leaving the trade support to the experts.

  • Access to expertise: Trade assistants have expertise across various asset classes and trade applications, providing valuable insights and analysis to make informed decisions.

  • Reduced operational costs: Outsourcing can help reduce operational costs as it eliminates the need to maintain an in-house trade support team.

  • Faster issue resolution: Trade assistants can help identify the root cause of any issues or disputes and work towards resolving them quickly and efficiently.

  • Improved risk management: Trade assistants can help minimize risks associated with trades by providing comprehensive trade lifecycle support and liaising with internal business functions and third parties.

  • Better reporting: Trade assistants can assist with SOD, EOD, Upstream, Downstream, etc., reporting, providing traders with a complete overview of their trades and helping them make informed decisions.

Why Fundtec for Trade Assistance:


Apart from the benefits of outsourcing Trade Assistant (as mentioned above), there are other factors that should be considered for outsourcing Trade Assistance Services to Fundtec:

  • 24/5 Availability- Our "follow the sun" model ensures that Asset Managers, irrespective of time zone, will get fund accounting services when they need them.

  • Solid Documentation- When someone is expected to perform a task, the most beneficial thing to do is create process documentation. That is what we do in our Trade Assistance services. Our SOPs are updated regularly, and our team delivers reconciliation with certainty and confidence. Resources may come and go, they get migrated to different roles within the organization, or they're out sick or on vacation, whatever the case may be, when another team member steps in, you need good documentation with training in place to ensure continuity. 

  • Customized Offerings- One shoe size doesn't fit all, so Fundtec customizes and tailors its Trade Assistance Service to fit the unique needs of every client.

  • Industry Expertise- Fundtec's team comprises professionals coming with a wealth of experience from investment banks, fund admin firms, and technology giants. For Trade Assistance Services, we have expertise in handling all types of asset classes (from listed securities to OTC products), and reports from different fund admins, brokers, and custodians.

  • Scalability- Fundtec empowers clients with better scalability via plug and play model which is always customized to the client's needs.

  • Cost-Effective- Fundtec's expertise, innovation, experience, and result-oriented approach to operational aspects enable us to drive greater process efficiency, and we pass the benefits and savings to our clients.

  • Transition and Change Management experts: With years of experience in handling transitions, we always consider all stakeholders for changes and transitions. Our client-centric approach enables a smoother Trade Assistance service for all types of clients. 

  • ISO Certified: We at Fundtec understand that every piece of information is crucial for our clients, so we follow the highest standards for maintaining quality and data security. Fundtec is ISO:27001 and ISO:9001 certified for providing Trade Assistance Services.

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